Frequently Asked Questions

What does Proper Rebel do?
We help companies grow by offering expertise and marketing services on demand to get market traction while minimizing expenses. We do this by offering a range of services from organizational strategy to go-to-market strategy to revenue operations (e.g. setting up and managing marketing automation and CRM tools and processes). We also offer interim or fractional executives for companies needing senior-level support for short periods of time.

What types of companies work with Proper Rebel?
We work with companies of all sizes in various industries. We work with many startup companies because we understand that they need to launch right the first time, and we work with large companies that are trying to do something for the first time, OR they've tried and realized they needed outside expertise. We're typically called in to launch a product, help build a marketing organization, implement and manage CRM and marketing automation tools and processes, or act as an interim CMO or SVP/VP of product marketing.

What is "marketing on-demand," and why should I consider it?
Marketing-on-demand services include competitive strategy, messaging, positioning, social media management, email marketing campaigns, content creation, and managing the tools (CRM, Marketing automation, dashboards, etc.) We take care of these services when you need them for as long as you need them.

What is a "Go-to-Market" (GTM) strategy?
A go-to-market strategy defines how to position and sell a new product or service or incremental capabilities/features of an existing product. Check out our template for a GTM strategy and plan.

What is product marketing?
Put simply, product marketing is a discipline created to launch products, drive sales, and engage users to ensure products deliver value and are loved by customers.

What does a product marketer do?
The role of a product marketer is to understand the competitive landscape, the product, the target audience, and the market. They develop positioning, messaging, pricing, and launch plans to build awareness, drive revenue, engage customers, and expand customer relationships. Product marketers also support sales, customer success, and marketing communications.

What are "packages?" How do they work?
We've found that many companies have small projects that need to get done, but they don't have the expertise on their team to take it on. We created bundles of hours our clients can purchase monthly based on their needs without the administration of proposals. A client buys a bundle of hours, and we mutually define what can be done within that month. Bundles "expire" at the end of every month.

What's different about Proper Rebel from other agencies or consultancies?
There are hundreds of agencies and consulting companies out there. What makes us different is our expertise in product marketing and our philosophy of working smart, fast, and hand-in-hand with your team to get results as quickly as possible. Our team leaders are experts in their respective areas – they're not learning on the job. They know what to do and how to do it, and get it right the first time.

We believe in helping companies hire the right talent at the right time and transitioning our work to internal team members. Many times the "transition" requires training and coaching which, we offer too.

Is Proper Rebel an advertising agency?
No. We do not buy or sell media, nor do we take purely creative assignments. Our focus is to define a strategy and put it into action to drive growth until a company is ready to hire full-time resources to replace the work we do.

How much do your services cost?
Our pricing is based on what is required to achieve your business goals, referred to as a Scope of Work (SOW). We do not charge by the hour.